Jumangi's Equestrian Centre is a lovely country equestrian estate in Johannesburg-South where horses live in the stunning nature and run in herds... free, as it should be.

Nestling in a valley and surrounded by mountains and hills, lays this lovely country estate easily reachable from Alberton, and all the South Areas including the Midvaal (Witwatersrand), Lenasia, Mondeor, Glen Vista and surrounding areas.

The owner - Monique Cadle - lives out her childhood dreams on this small farm. She was born to be a horse rider. Alas… horses are her biggest passion! Apart from liveries, she owns 30 horses and ponies of her own. They are all very close to her heart. In actual fact… all horses and ponies are close to her heart. She has an excellent veterinary knowledge and she has a very special gift when it comes to understanding the mind of a horse. Not only does she possess the ability to work with and heal troubled or abused horses, but she also has a wide and qualified knowledge when it comes to schooling and teaching all age groups. She is an excellent and competitive horse rider by name.

She has recently gained an excellent little helper and horse-crazy toddler named Amber Skye. One of Monique's other dreams were to have a little daughter that can grow up with her and her horses.

We offer the following:

- Qualified resident stable manager, instructor and owner.

- Full time assistant stable manager.

- Qualified riding instructors - from tiny beginners up to the highest levels! We teach Monday to Sunday to suit our client's daily schedule.

- Riding lessons offered in all disciplines and for all ages.

- Our Stabling/Livery Charges are very competitive and affordable. We have large, airy stables.. and for horses and owners preferring outside liveries - lovely, large, paddocks with a fully covered shelter. We also offer complete outside livery if a client prefers it.

- We have lunging arenas and a double-sided ring for tiny tots.

- Out-rides – Although our own riders often go on out rides we do offer it to outsiders if time permits, but by prior arrangement only when an instructor is available to accompany the riders.

- We also offer the Venue and Pony rides for special occasions like birthdays etc. By prior arrangement only.

- Pony Camps are offered every school holiday, and we try to accommodate both Government and Private School holidays. It offers loads of fun and riding and also lots of knowledge to gain. Children are introduced to the Highveld Horse Care Unit and whatever else of horse- importance is available.

- Once a year we host a big Jumping/Derby Show from our premises. Towards the end of the year we have an in-house show for all our riders. Our Christmas function consists of a Fun day followed by an Awards Presentation and ALL our riders are rewarded.

- We offer the best of the best!!

"Where Riding becomes fun" is our motto!!

We keep it country!!! ‘Cos country is just the BEST!!